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Step into a world of unparalleled hygiene with our innovative Asian squat toilets. Designed meticulously to prevent urine splashback, ensuring you and your home stay pure and pristine. Explore the fusion of tradition and technology for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.


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Ergonomic Design

Our toilets are crafted for comfort, promoting a natural squat posture that supports digestive health and muscular engagement.

Hygiene Innovation

Featuring a splash-free design, our toilets ensure a hygienic experience, upholding the highest standards of cleanliness with every use.

Durability Guaranteed

Constructed with premium materials, our squat toilets are built to last, offering you a reliable and sturdy addition to your bathroom.

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Abdullah Masjid Regulation Member

The P-trap effectively blocks sewer gases and odors, maintaining a clean and pure environment in the bathroom, which is important for personal hygiene and cleanliness as emphasized in Islam.

Mufti Madrassa Committe Member

Customized to avoid splashback

Abdul Masjid Committee Member

The squat position is considered more hygienic as it reduces direct contact with surfaces, aligning with the principles of Taharah (purity).

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An Asian Squat Toilet is a type of toilet used widely in many parts of Asia. It’s designed for a squatting posture, offering a natural and ergonomic position. Unlike Western-style toilets, these are flush-to-the-ground units without a raised seat.

Our Asian Squat Toilets have the following dimensions: Length – 26.5 inches, Width – 23.5 inches, Height – 9.2 inches. These dimensions are carefully designed to accommodate a comfortable squatting position for most users.

Squatting positions can aid in healthier digestion and posture.

The addition of a P-trap ensures efficient and hygienic waste disposal, minimizing odors and maintaining a clean bathroom environment

Our Asian Squat Toilets are designed to integrate seamlessly into both Canadian and American bathroom setups.

Their design and P-trap feature make them a versatile option for any bathroom.

Installation involves connecting the P-trap to your home’s waste pipe.

We recommend professional installation to ensure proper alignment and compliance with local plumbing regulations.

Our squat toilets are made of high-quality porcelain and come in an elegant milky white color, ensuring durability and a clean, modern look for your bathroom.

Maintenance is straightforward; regular cleaning with non-abrasive bathroom cleaners is recommended.

Ensuring the P-trap is always filled with water is key to maintaining its odor-blocking capability.

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Asian Squat Toilets with a P-trap.